Good! Comme partenaire pour partager certaines ressources...

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Good! Comme partenaire pour partager certaines ressources quoique loin un échange culturel de marché pourquoi pas.

Que cette participation ne reste dans les lymbes d'une bonne production, d'un échange culturel ou commercial entre ces pays et Haïti nous nous adhérons souvent sans trop prendre part ni apporter un souffle propre à notre capacité pour notre valorisation.

Beau mouvement mais j'aimerais que ce soit indiqué les avantages de cette adhésion concrètement au peuple haïtien.

Il faut faire des choix rentables, justes, propres à nous aider ensuite.

Mm, October 16 2012, 11:24 AM

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Topic: HAITI May Soon Become The Latest Member of The AFRICAN Union.

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Good! Comme partenaire pour partager certaines ressources quoique loin un echange culturel de marche pourquoi pas. Que cette participation ne reste... read more >
Mm, 16-Oct-12 11:24 am
I think is a good thing. Our roots are in Africa. Africa is our alma mater. African lives in us, in our culture, our ethnic. We are Afro americano read more >
Jonathan D, 16-Oct-12 12:10 pm
Haitians will finally come close to their identity! read more >
Jacques Alerte, 16-Oct-12 12:41 pm
I think that this could be a good thing for haiti. read more >
Manu, 16-Oct-12 12:59 pm
We are called african-americans in the US. So, no one should be surprised. But I am curious as to what would this actually bring to Haiti. Are we... read more >
Paul, 16-Oct-12 1:11 pm
Yes sir. I will be happy if that news become a reality, that also will be a good news for the haitian people and they should have more opportunities... read more >
Harold Fleurine, 16-Oct-12 2:26 pm
Once again we need to be visible, we need to be heard...remaining in the shadow of the Americas only hide the world wonder that we God's... read more >
Cj, 17-Oct-12 4:20 am
About time we get closer to our true brothers and sisters!!!!! Can't wait for it to happen...Excited:))) read more >
Santia, 17-Oct-12 7:18 am
Would be a dream come true. Actually every Haitian that has gone to an African country returns very educated. I know a few. I met one in Scotland... read more >
Garry, 17-Oct-12 3:27 pm
Wi li le, li tan, pou nou soti anba grif enperialis souset jouk nan zo sa yo. yo fe nou soufri trop, menm yon ti gaz ke nou genyen, yo getan mete... read more >
Katchapikam Pou Plim, 19-Oct-12 4:31 pm
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