Would You Drink River Water in Haiti?

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Topic: Would You Drink River Water in Haiti?

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No i wouldn't drink that water. Meme si se te en Haiti mwen te ye mpa kwem tap bwe'l. then again it as nothing to do with the country, I'm in Canada... read more >
Lenn, 13-Oct-12 4:24 pm
I think if one swims in it, it is equal as drinking. Use it for bathing or washing your hand is equal as drinking. read more >
Garry Dedtin, 13-Oct-12 5:28 pm
Yes... why not if the water pass the natural filter of mother nature and there are no dead animals up river. read more >
Luko Adjaffi, 13-Oct-12 6:12 pm
zanmi mwen, mwen pa ka ba ou manti mwen te konn bwe dlo rivye menn jan ak tout moun ki abite bo rivye men apre 4 an mwen pase an deyo pey Ayti mwen... read more >
Jean, 13-Oct-12 6:26 pm
Yes I can drink better water in Haiti, or anywhere in the world how? If you live closer to a desert, if you dig your own hole from the hearth until... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 14-Oct-12 1:59 am
Please! Follow this instruction to survive my brothers and sisters. We can not compare clean with unclean; the whole world is in a critical... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 14-Oct-12 2:36 am
Oh! Oh! If Minustah and UN live the Haiti right now the criminal in Haiti will dance. Leave MINUSTAH there for now until God send a second King... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 14-Oct-12 3:15 am
Monche mwen pap baw manti, apre zafe kolera sa, menm benyen mwen pe benyen nan dlo rivye Haiti, ale we pou-m ta bwe dlo rivye a lol. Bel istwa, se... read more >
Ti Djo, 14-Oct-12 1:34 pm
Lolll... Wi Bel istwa! Thank you for sharing. Well... I used to go to Bainet and Jacmel every summer as a kid. I remember this river in jofono (not... read more >
Gigie, 15-Oct-12 5:44 am


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