As far as i know, this c ck SUCKER can go to hell him and his...

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as far as i know, this c**ck SUCKER can go to hell him and his fellow domincains.

we dont own shit to NOBODY.

as a matter of fact, we need to close our border so they woulnd be able to sell their diri and everything pepe in our country anymore.NOU PAP JAMAIS JAMAIS A GENOU ANKO, JAME,NAP MOURI KAMPE.VIVE HAITI

Elizabeth, July 19 2012, 11:29 PM

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Topic: Haitian Priest Says Haitians Should Kneel and Beg Dominicans For Forgiveness

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this priest must be out of his mind or his getting paid to say something like smh. they want even make him a citizen on the dominican republic fool... read more >
Ronald H Jeudy, 19-Jul-12 5:44 pm
as far as i know,this c**ck SUCKER can go to hell him and his fellow domincains.we dont own shit to a matter of fact,we need to close our... read more >
Elizabeth, 19-Jul-12 11:29 pm
If I remember correctly, Trujillo strived to read more >
Paul, 19-Jul-12 11:34 pm
I just learn that this hypocrite is Haitian. He just got paid to make this speech and even Dominicans laugh at him because they know that's not... read more >
Cal, 20-Jul-12 12:14 am
Why do so many haitians hate themselves so much?yes, this fking priest is one of them but he isnt the only one. Stop bleaching your skin!!! read more >
Joey, 20-Jul-12 6:09 am
Kiss my Black Haitain, a***** Haitain should not have to get on they knees to beg anyone for anything read more >
Chan, 20-Jul-12 10:00 am
he is fucking crazy...... many haitians people die over there also, do dominican people bow down for us or apologize for that, HELL NO!!!!! read more >
Laurianne, 20-Jul-12 12:59 pm
Si nou pap yon nasyon ki ti sousou nou tap lwen nan tout sa nou tap fe. Sote pompe mwen ayisyen,m'ap ayisyen e m'ap toujou ayisyen for life. Si nou... read more >
Ernst Darbouze, 20-Jul-12 7:31 pm
From October 2 1937 to october 7 1937 they slaughtred and butchered just like pigs 30.000 Haitiens and then he expect us to ask them for... read more >
Kenold Pierre, 21-Jul-12 12:20 am
Ce pr read more >
G.printemps, 27-Jul-12 1:27 am
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