Think about that? In Canada we are in difficult time too, but...

Patrick Princivil - June 25 2012, 1:56 PM

Think about that?

In Canada we are in difficult time too, but you not see the Prime Minister: Steven Harper suck all the Canadian's Blood, stock all the money in the banks of other countries and sit and do nothing inside Canada.

Guys you have to understand that: Jean Claude Duvalier left Haiti with a lot of billion dollars to live La France for 25 years, remember we was not welcome in front of La France's eyes. The same La Frace become victory on Haiti' shoulders again.

I understand that the tonton makoutes was exeed the limite, Jean Claude Duvalier had to go, but I am not satisfied because other nations should eat the money in Jean Claude Duvalier's hand, but not La France.

About Michelle Benette Duvalier?

I saw on the website, Michelle Benette left Haiti to live in same La France with $96.000 billion of dollars.

It doesn't make any sense to me. Shee as to come back and vomit the rest money back to Haiti as soon as possible.

I am so proud of US- Canada: They brake our legs with heavy taxe, but from the tax they feed the poors.

Let's pray for President Martelly to become holly and lead Haiti properly.

If he become corrupt like the criminals have done against humanity, this will be a very big disaster.

May God block all the criminals who have plan to attack me on the website

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