Whitney Houston Is Dead

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Topic: Whitney Houston Is Dead

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Shocking news. I basically grew up with her music. Her death seems so sudden and unexpected. Although not at her very best, but I will remember her... read more >
Bernadette, 11-Feb-12 10:03 pm
It's a sad day to hear about the dead of Whitney Houston. I remember her singing in the 1991 Super Bowl perfomance of the Star Spangled Banner.She... read more >
Lionel Aka Top Shleu, 11-Feb-12 10:40 pm
I love "I will always love you" my favorite song of all time. I couldnt believe wat i had heard wen one of my customers dropped danews on me, i was... read more >
Ericka, 12-Feb-12 12:45 am
WOW what a sad news best pOp female artist of all time stayed up the chart for two decade. sad must be the family my condolences to her loved ones... read more >
Mireille, 12-Feb-12 2:56 am
WHITNEY HOUSTON is one of my favorite pop star. I have a bunch of LPs and cds of this icon diva.WHITNEY will be missed from many. And like her song... read more >
Keener Michel, 12-Feb-12 11:57 am
When you beleive is my favorite son of Whitney Houston, Rest In Peace To her. Everything God created is good read more >
Edlyn, 12-Feb-12 8:24 pm


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