Wyclef Jean, The Man Behind The Mask

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Topic: Wyclef Jean, The Man Behind The Mask

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Well there is always two sides to every story, so before we blurt out alligations or accuse anyone we need to investigate it troughout. Yes everyone... read more >
Jwag, 14-Dec-11 1:03 pm
I haven't had time to objectively review both sides of the story. But if those allegations turn out to be true, I think that would be very very very... read more >
Damebochie, 14-Dec-11 1:04 pm
Listen, as an American born in the USA, he should be all too familiar with the repercussions of being in the limelight: be it positive or negative... read more >
Colette, 14-Dec-11 2:09 pm
Clef lost my endorsement when he opted to run for President. I think he lost most of our respect as well. He didn read more >
Jacobin, 14-Dec-11 2:42 pm
Clef pat sipoze ale poze kanbouda pou preyidan an ayiti sa sak fe li nan sal ye la moun ap site non'l nan vye tenten yo! Paske pet ayisyen yo pa gen... read more >
, 14-Dec-11 6:53 pm
I want to see proofs, and if he is guilty let's take him to court. You are innocent until proven guilty in this country, and it is the opposite in... read more >
Josy, 14-Dec-11 10:26 pm
I think that Wyclef is a proud haitian, and deserve to be commanded for weakness for Haiti. But my biggest issue with the fellow is that, he could... read more >
Dr. D, 15-Dec-11 8:34 pm
First of all I like to thank you for keeping us interested in Haiti. Let's get the Clef story straight, how he want about to give his family member... read more >
Nixon Dauphine, 16-Dec-11 8:48 am
m te we monm saa pat lot bagay ke on vole depi lel te kampe li menm ak ti fanm chech lia sou CNN li te di se ABOUT 9000000 li te ranmase a, selbagay... read more >
Wilfrid, 11-Jan-12 11:05 am


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