Good, Oprah can make or break the would-be tourists with her...

Bernadette - December 2 2011, 9:20 PM

Good, Oprah can make or break the would-be tourists with her opinion.

In the past, she did not have good things to say about Haiti.

Perhaps, now she may change her mind, especially after visiting with Sean Penn who has a positive attitude toward Haiti.

Oprah what ever you do, just don't take any pictures of our poor folks, capitalize instead on our pristine beaches, uniquely one-of-a-kind landscape, and of course on our historical monuments and don't forget to take great pics of our architectural buildings.

Save those pictures to be used as a conversation piece when you met with Michelle O.; In turn, you, Michelle O. and Sophia Martelly can find a strategy on how to cajole the neighborhood communities, namely Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and the likes to ease on up on their state policy toward our children living, or born over there...

Go on girl, strike a blow!!

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