FLASH... Wyclef Jean is Moving To Haiti...

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Wyclef Jean is Moving To Haiti... will be listed here. If you want to discuss it further, be sure to add your own comments.

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Wyclef Jean is Moving To Haiti...

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Wyclef Jean is Moving To Haiti...

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Topic: FLASH... Wyclef Jean is Moving To Haiti...

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If this is true, it will be a good thing for him and the country. For Clef he will be able to see some of the much needed things if he is there... read more >
Jwag, 2-Dec-11 9:55 am
is that another 1 of he's april fools day joke when he sent e tweet the he was dead cause we all know clef his the face of Haitian in america he... read more >
Rems, 2-Dec-11 10:03 am
I don't think Wyclef would lie about something like that lol Besides, he would ba saving a ton of money by moving to Haiti. read more >
Woody, 2-Dec-11 12:20 pm
I AM VERY HAPPY, hope he comes to stay in Lavallee jacmel S E of Haiti, and will like to see more haitians celebreties moving read more >
Miejo, 2-Dec-11 12:49 pm
Lap bon pou msye! Msye ap pare pou prochenn election.M'ankouraje lot haitian kap viv deyo peyi a swiv ekzanp Wiclef la.Epi li tabon pou'l bay... read more >
Oxceva, 2-Dec-11 1:31 pm
la vallee de jacmel bon bagay. si li vini haiti lap ouvri job pou anpil moun. lap bon wi. viv wyclef for life read more >
Jacmelienne, 2-Dec-11 1:38 pm
Wyclef Jean is moving to haiti, because he is a Haitian and Haiti is his Home Land. I think, he makes a good decision. May God continue to bless him... read more >
Calixte Guerrier Pastor, 2-Dec-11 4:53 pm
si se pa yon politik move lap bon ampil pou peyi ya men si se pou etabli 5ans residence an dedans peyi kom loi manman peyi a exige ya that could be... read more >
Jean Alexis, 5-Dec-11 8:24 am


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