Give The President a chance

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I have been reading a few opinions.

We all know how Haiti look like, and Haiti has been the poorest country in the hemisphere since on Magloire
Give Martelly a brake.

it will take him to make a change in Haiti from the date Magloire was President up to Preval.

He cannot make Miracles (you the Haitians peuple) I understand your frustation, and you have been in my prayers (asking God to give you Peace, Patience,
2 rooms house, and dayly meals )and even that will take him some time.

He is not responsible of the situation.

What Aristide has done for you He is a ugly demon, It is time to pray for the President in order for the Spirit of God can guide him in order for you the poors Haitians to have a better life, I understand your anxity but please it is the moment to turn to God and Pray for President Martelly.

Marlene Burcky, April 10 2011, 10:38 PM

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