protest in haiti

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It is reported in Caribbean News Today, Tuesday 22nd February, 2011, that hundred of angry protesters marched through the street of Haiti's capital, Port-Au-Prince in retaliation to the perceived mistreatment met by the Under 17 football from the Health Authorities in Jamaica and its removal from the youth tournament on health ground.

The protesters on Saturday, February 19th, 2001, reportedly drew more than 1500 people, and during the proceeding, burnt a Jamaican Flag.
However, the Jamaican opposition party, People's National Party Patriots condemned the burning of the flag; and describe the act as a terrible insult.

They that "Under no circumstances can such behavior be countenanced"
"Even though the people are angry, there is no justification for such ungracious action".

They are demanding an apology from the Haitian Authorities or an official apology established through CARICOM.



David Grant, February 23 2011, 1:37 AM

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