All of the above. Mario Lavelanet

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All of the above.

Mario Lavelanet

Mario Lavelanet, February 22 2011, 11:05 AM

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Topic: My Appologies To You If You Only Speak English

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I can understand all three...but I am American, so English is my preferene. read more >
Regine D., 22-Feb-11 10:59 am
I am fluent english speaker living in Haiti and pale e kompran piti kreyol. read more >
Gail Buck, 22-Feb-11 11:01 am
All of the above. Mario Lavelanet read more >
Mario Lavelanet, 22-Feb-11 11:05 am
Hello dear, Let me seize this unique opportunity to thank you for the good job you are doing. Your newsletter is great! I stay informed of what is... read more >
Peterson Pierre, 22-Feb-11 11:08 am
I do speak English,French, and Creol haitian So I have no problem to understand you my brother. read more >
Nancy, 22-Feb-11 11:17 am
Kebe fem fre mwen. Pa kite yo ba'w problem! Si yo vle angle, zafe pa yo, kite yapran. Japone, Italyen, Panyol, Eropeyen, Endyen, Yo tout kebe lang... read more >
Jacques L, 22-Feb-11 11:18 am
je parle l'anglais l'espagnol mais ma langue naturelle c'est le creole et le fran read more >
Emmanuel Pierre, 22-Feb-11 11:19 am
mr rodrigue i don't have no probleme with any linguage you speack, you speack english it's good for me, ou pale kreyol se bon pou mwen, tu parle... read more >
Mackson Jean, 22-Feb-11 11:30 am
Aide international la tap bon pou mwen tou wi Manno! Believe me! read more >
Woodring, 22-Feb-11 11:30 am
je parle et lis le francais, tande, ecwi kweol jan'm kapab, english as I can! voilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa espanol un poco, poquitito, read more >
Miejo, 22-Feb-11 11:35 am
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