Working in Haiti - Advice Please

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Greetings to all Haitians and others on this forum.

I hope some of
you can give me some advice.

I am possibly going to be spending up to
one year in Haiti soon and would like to know how easy is it to work
for NGO's or other organisations on the ground over there.

I am Irish, 27, hold a BSc. Degree in Computer Science with 7 years
software development and IT experience, beginner french (but

I would be willing to work for a basic salary for the year
and would prefer to pass on skills that I have to the Haitian people,
but any work would be considered.

I realise there is no IT industry as such in Haiti (yet), but I'm sure
they may be some teaching jobs or similiar.

I plan to try to gain employment there before I go over, but if not
will arrive on the ground and start looking when I get there.

Any help or advice would be appreciated,

thanks a million,

- James.

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