Here's my take on this so-called con-troversy: I know a lot of...

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Here's my take on this so-called con-troversy:

I know a lot of people are all worked up about his comments, but is there really anything new??!

I do NOT listen to garbage radio and submit myself to low frequency and mind controlling programming.

Our brothers and sisters should know better than that, while supporting trash degrading and adding to the physical; psychological, and spiritual destruction of our people..

We shouldn't act angry; deceived and betrayed when the beast that we feed turns around and bites our asses..

Going to Hot 97 to make a little noise to get one bigoted idiot out of his job, ten thousand more are ready to take his place..

I will be using my NRG to instead meditate so that one day the spirits of our Toussaint; Dessalines, and Capois will enter our minds and hearts to be in the front lines in the liberation of our people.

People will always have things to say about us, whether it is true or not..

We can only change Haiti from within, inside ourselves, then from inside the hearts and minds of our people.

We have always been at war--We have always been under attack..

the notion that we are at war now because of this clown's statement to me is absurd.

All this is going to do is make Cipher Sounds an even bigger celebrity..

Unfortunately, our "enemies" will find a way to promote and give him a new medium to spew more hatred.

We live in a perverse reality where negative publicity is good publicity-Look at Mel Gibson and Don Imus, and the many others who makes careers out of spewing racism; hatred; propaganda, and dis-information about other groups of people.

Remember, it was just a few days or weeks after the earthquake, Pat robertson claimed that those lives were taken because Haiti has and continues to sell its soul to the devil in order to attain her freedom?

And the little bit of public outcry just fell on deaf ears..

and Pat continues to rule the "air waves" and making his millions with his Christian propaganda and brainwashing..

Are we going to jump every time someone says anything derogatory about us?

What will happen when the next DJ or newscaster; reporter; columnist; blogger, and so-called celebrity says the next insult about us?

I talked about working from "lower frequencies.." Let us choose our battles wisely and strategically so that we can be victors of not just one fight, but the entire war! We were here 20 years ago when we shook the Brooklyn bridge, who can ever forget that?

But here we are again, about to have the same exact fight like the first one never happened??! The reason why we are here is because we do NOT educate and reeducate.

If we are so powerful and we defeated slavery and freed the world 2 centuries ago, why isn't this history being taught and promoted??! After all, isn't he who wins the war writes the history

I agree we should take matters into our own hands, but it must be productive and constructive.

By teaching our history, we can restore our honor; integrity, and ancestral legacy.

Let's start with ourselves; our children, and our people! Let us stop tuning in to the destructive forces who are using us to destroy us from the inside.

If we do not empower them and feed them our energy, how can they destroy us?!

Ralph Figaro, December 22 2010, 3:23 PM

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THAT WAS NOT A JOKE....WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?? His comment was not only unethical,unprofesional, it was also heartless towars Haiti in general and also... read more >
K-rin, 22-Dec-10 1:56 pm
What kind of DJ IS this guy!,,and what is nationality!I think he sould know what haitian people maens about this comment.. read more >
Harold Fleurine, 22-Dec-10 2:19 pm
This is not a joke. He's very disrespectful to be making that racist comment. He needs to be taken off the air. End of discusion read more >
Nadine, 22-Dec-10 2:24 pm
Other people already gave their opiion and it is right; it is a racist statement and it is really unfortunate he made such stupit comment. read more >
Charles Amicy, 22-Dec-10 2:26 pm
in reality he can not say anything better "is such a incervelet" cmmunaute the Haitian in New York must file a complaint against this man in office... read more >
Coriolan Ardouin, 22-Dec-10 2:38 pm
Max Francois, 22-Dec-10 3:10 pm
A very strong response should be given to this sorry soul and his like for if not, there will be an avalance of such insult toward us; all necessary... read more >
Demesvar Charles, 22-Dec-10 3:11 pm
Here's my take on this so-called con-troversy: I know a lot of people are all worked up about his comments, but is there really anything new??! I do... read more >
Ralph Figaro, 22-Dec-10 3:23 pm
DJ Cipha Sounds must be suspended from his job. read more >
Yves Leon, 22-Dec-10 3:42 pm
I think this guy should be fired and pursut for disrespect haitians people particullarly our girls and women, because if we do not act this they... read more >
Turenne Jean-francois, 22-Dec-10 3:57 pm
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