concernant l enfant qui est malade

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Ce serait intéressant de véhiculer ces messages aussi en francais.

Je vous suggère les émissions de radio communautaire à travers la diaspora, principalement les Etats- Unis et le Canada.

Bon courage...

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Ce serait interessant de vehiculer ces messages aussi en francais. Je vous suggere les emissions de radio communautaire a travers la diaspora... read more >
Topic, 15-Jul-04 6:33 pm
Have you tried? it is a Haitian Dating Website. See if it's voodoo of just bad luck! LOL! read more >
Topic, 15-Jul-04 9:48 pm
you say Bon fet Sandley! Mwen kontan we jan ou grandi e devni you bo tip gason. mwen swete jou fet se yon bon jou pou ou. ak tout lanmou ki ke-m pou... read more >
Topic, 30-Jul-04 11:13 am
THANK YOU!! read more >
Topic, 30-Jul-04 4:17 pm
i feel for u, I along with others are waiting for money. Oliver walks arond like da king bragin about da show, but don't pay nobody. since he don't... read more >
Topic, 6-Sep-04 11:17 pm
Well, I went to college St Pierre in 1985. You have found one "Best friend so far" read more >
Topic, 21-Sep-04 10:15 am
I Personally think We Can help to Support our Homeland. Iam currently living in Maryland state and Iam very optimistic to help my country. Presently... read more >
Topic, 24-Sep-04 3:33 pm
I agree with you one hundred percent, but how is this going to help? Most of our brothers do not have a love for country. How can you change... read more >
Topic, 26-Sep-04 12:47 pm
Please, Send me more information on that organization. read more >
Topic, 26-Sep-04 1:52 pm
i hear exactly what your saying because right now i'm trying to go to college and was expecting to be able to find scholarships for my nationality... read more >
Topic, 29-Sep-04 11:45 am
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