Haiti is for Harian, is not for UN or whoever else, our...

Richelet Etienne - November 21 2010, 9:57 PM

Haiti is for Harian, is not for UN or whoever else, our haitian people who are the one that lives in Haiti they are the one that know exactly what they wanted/want, & I say yes! minustah have to leave Haiti if that what our haitian people want/need.

because to me it is time for haiti/haitian to be "granmoun dans son Lakay" it is time for haitian people to decide & get what they want when they want it. it is time for them to get an answer from those who are in power when they want it too. either it become bad or good, but it is time for them to get what they asking for in/on they own country.

it's deeply funny & disrespectful when u hear/heard that Minustah wanted them to stop protesting, who the hell is Minustah?

what they know about helping our people?

what they know about what the people want?

what they know about our history?

the answer is: they know none about Haiti/Haitian stuff.

that's y they should leave sooner as they had/have too. if that the our people want.

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