can minustah protect haiti?

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UN canceling flights carrying soap, medical supplies and staff to Cap-Haitien and Port-de Paix on the ground Oxfam reports suspension of a project of chlorinate water for 300,000 people in the slum areas.

The world Health Organization (WHO) has halted training of Medical staff in cholera response and a World Food Programme (WFP) warehouse had been looted of 500 metric tones of food. Road blocks set by demonstrators are also holding back the supplies and the urgent work to combat cholera.

It is the difference between life and death for everyone affected with this endemic.

These incidents are good example as to why we should raise the question of MINUSHAH's ability to protect the population.

If MINUSTAH could not ensure safety with fully equipped staff, trained troops and armored vehicles; If MINUSTAH could not stop or prevent the looting and distruction of 500 tonnes of food aid in WFP warehouses, If MINUSTAH was not able to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance and to unblock some barricades on roads, If MINUSTAH is unable to assure proper protection and functioning of the medical teams, then it is reasonable to question the function and the role MINUSTAH is playing in Haiti.

What good the MINUSTAH will be if violence was looming across the country?

What would the MINUSTAH do?

What is MINUSTAH so badly prepared to serve Haiti?

Why did it take so long to disseminate a scenario of conspiracy against the elections or Democracy?

Another question is will the MINUSTAH be ready and able to ensure the safety of the public in this forthcoming elections?

Bernadette, November 18 2010, 7:31 PM

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Arnold Jean, 1-Jan-11 9:25 am


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