I have been to Senegal, and it is a muslim majority. The...

Josy - October 17 2010, 7:41 PM

I have been to Senegal, and it is a muslim majority.

The non-muslims suffer discrimination in all sectors, and are poorer.

I had a couple from my group who got robbed at knifepoint, and it was traumatic.

I appreciate the gesture, and wish the Ivory Coast would take some students from Haiti.

Ghana is doing fairly well, and can take in some also. Haitians came from Dahomey which is now Benin, and they could host some of their descendants.

The continent is very rich, and other countries have been sucking its blood for centuries.

We had Africans attending our Universities when I was growing up in Haiti, and they lived near Coles Market.

I am not certain, but think they were our guests and paid nothing.

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