A lot of Haitian teachers where sent to Africa, back in the...

Gagui - October 20 2010, 10:36 AM

A lot of Haitian teachers where sent to Africa, back in the 50-60 s.And stil many haitian elites from those days are still living in countries such as Congo, senegal, Gabon, etc. This greate gesture, however, is not hunaminous in Senegal, beacause a lot of senegalese are complaining of lack of school access of their own kids, and now they are welcoming haitians students for free. I just hope that those haitians kids are not going to become targets.

And also, i think that this decision of Senegal is coming from the guilt of not supporting Aristid in 2004 when he was asking for the restitution of haiti s debt of indenpendance that Haiti was forced to pay to France(150 million gold francs, at the time worth more than 10 times the nation's revenues).

All African countries, at the exception of Sount Africa stayed shamely muted.

However it s never too late to catch up!

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