Rene Preval Blog irresponsibility and injustice

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Rene preval Blog used other people's name to blog what ever they want to blog. When we were trying to rectify our names.

the blog master will not let us through.

The sign like: "Please check for error" comes in. no matter how many times one redo the ID number it rejects the comments.

Rene Preval Blog is a farce to perpetuate ill doing of the president and whoever is in charge of that blog.
This is exactly what we do NOT want. We want to be free to express ourselves, of course, to the rules and regulations of good internet etiquette.

We do NOT want to subject ourselves to what Rene Preval Blog ONLY WANTS TO HEAR.
This is the reason as to WHY so few of us visit that site anymore.

Rene Preval Blog makes their own rule as to what they think the public should hear and
they have used other peoples name to blog what others are not saying.

This is like
we were in Haiti and Haitian's business as usual.

We want change and Rene Preval Blog will not let us talk about REAL change.

A Real bummer.

Rene Preval blog is on the internet, meaning it is international and the blog has to follow the rules of international rules that is free speech SHALL PREVAIL!!!
If Rene Preval Blog does not like the regular rule, than, they should be off from the site. The Rene Preval Blog is there for one reason and one reason only: they want to promote JUDE CELESTIN by any means necessary.

This is NOT democracy.

They have got to go.

Brasil Airee, September 29 2010, 4:27 PM

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