A quote from nadege: "Yes, we are not the only nation...

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a quote from nadege: "Yes, we are not the only nation rebelling against God; but, it's not my place to judge other nations, because this is not my calling."

it's not your place/calling to judge haiti either.

as a believer, you have to do as the master did, and as the apostles did: you have to preach the gospel of grace, and live your life according the its requirements.

this one bears repeating: the god of the bible shows no favoristim.

if it's true that's his hand crushing haiti because of its sins, then how come he has not crused the other countries where homosexuality and lebianism ARE WIDESPREAD AND EVEN LEGAL?

i know, you have no answer to that question.

but that's ok. the important thing is to repeat after jesus: god causes his sun to rise and his rain to fall on both the wicked and the good, both the believer and the atheist, both the christian and the vodouist.

therefore, one cannot say that god has put an embargo on haiti because he has not - according to jesus.

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Topic: A Cry For Help - National Day of Prayer for Haiti

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Gelin, Our actions determine our outcome. We reap what we sew. Galatians 6:7-10 tells us "Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man... read more >
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Hello Aby, Thanks for your support and your obedience to the Holy Spirit. We can never have enough prayer. God bless you. Nadege read more >
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a quote from nadege: "Yes, we are not the only nation rebelling against God; but, it's not my place to judge other nations, because this is not my... read more >
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Nadege.... please do NOT repeat this fabricated lie: "It is fact that 100% of Haitian say they believe in God, they even go to church every sunday... read more >
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OK Gelin, job well done! Let's continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Again, let's trust God for a change in Haiti. Nadege read more >
Topic, 8-Jul-04 3:53 pm
Nadege... i will tell as many believers as possible about that day of prayer. sooner or later god will intervene on our behalf. it won't be heaven... read more >
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Gelin, you have spoken well. Let's keep our hope and faith focus on Jesus. I know our heavenly Father can, and will work wonders on behalf of... read more >
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Gelin, I think I'm starting to understand you better, and I'm delighted that we agree that forgiveness from Jesus Christ is what all people need to... read more >
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I am interested in any books by Crelfo Dollar. Thank you for your time. Michael Jacobi read more >
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