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I am interested in any books by Crelfo Dollar.

Thank you for your time. Michael Jacobi

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Topic: A Cry For Help - National Day of Prayer for Haiti

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Gelin, Our actions determine our outcome. We reap what we sew. Galatians 6:7-10 tells us "Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man... read more >
Topic, 7-Jul-04 11:32 am
Hello Aby, Thanks for your support and your obedience to the Holy Spirit. We can never have enough prayer. God bless you. Nadege read more >
Topic, 7-Jul-04 12:24 pm
a quote from nadege: "Yes, we are not the only nation rebelling against God; but, it's not my place to judge other nations, because this is not my... read more >
Topic, 7-Jul-04 1:41 pm
Nadege.... please do NOT repeat this fabricated lie: "It is fact that 100% of Haitian say they believe in God, they even go to church every sunday... read more >
Topic, 7-Jul-04 1:45 pm
OK Gelin, job well done! Let's continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Again, let's trust God for a change in Haiti. Nadege read more >
Topic, 8-Jul-04 3:53 pm
Nadege... i will tell as many believers as possible about that day of prayer. sooner or later god will intervene on our behalf. it won't be heaven... read more >
Topic, 8-Jul-04 3:54 pm
Gelin, you have spoken well. Let's keep our hope and faith focus on Jesus. I know our heavenly Father can, and will work wonders on behalf of... read more >
Topic, 9-Jul-04 9:14 am
Gelin, I think I'm starting to understand you better, and I'm delighted that we agree that forgiveness from Jesus Christ is what all people need to... read more >
Topic, 9-Jul-04 2:36 pm
I am interested in any books by Crelfo Dollar. Thank you for your time. Michael Jacobi read more >
Topic, 22-Feb-05 1:50 pm
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