Good News.But... Ou konnen rezev mwen genyen ak tout bel proj

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Good News.But...

Ou konnen rezev mwen genyen ak tout bel proj

Oxceva, September 22 2010, 12:33 PM

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Topic: New Industrial Park In Haiti, 10000 New Jobs!

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That's great. More job, less crimes, less hunger. I have a question. Is St Marc part of the centers for industrial development? Thanks for the... read more >
Mathilde, 22-Sep-10 8:54 am
This is a good idea but se lel fet na konnin hen. read more >
Carme, 22-Sep-10 10:16 am
wonderful....."desantralization" se sa hayti bezwen. read more >
Jean Claude, 22-Sep-10 10:38 am
Good News.But... Ou konnen rezev mwen genyen ak tout bel proj read more >
Oxceva, 22-Sep-10 12:33 pm
It does not matter where in haiti as long it is there and creating job. It will definetly be another way of life for our people read more >
Paula, 22-Sep-10 12:34 pm
THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!I lived in Miami Beach for twelve years and I had great Haitians friends so I am very happy for all of you!!! I got back to... read more >
Naomi, 22-Sep-10 5:31 pm
They should do that in each departement so that people can stop risking their life on the sea. read more >
Nouche, 22-Sep-10 7:25 pm
Mwen pa renmen le yap di no goudougoudou an Hinche se la pou yo mete factory a mwen ka konprann hinche pa telman gen tet chaje yo ta sipoze metel la... read more >
Vladimir, 23-Sep-10 7:55 am
the new industrial park should be in Gonaives the ville de l'independence the city wich has bee suffer distroy and victimize with corruption of the... read more >
Jj, 2-May-11 1:31 pm
Cap Haitien pi lwen pase Hinche si wap pale de Port Au Prince. Hinche nan mitan Port Au Prince ak Cap Haitien wi Kijan li fe lwen la-a? read more >
Neg Hinche, 2-May-11 2:17 pm
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