New Industrial Park In Haiti, 10000 New Jobs!

There is a new plan to revive the textile industry in Haiti. Very soon, a new Industrial park will be in operation in Haiti and it is expected to create 10,000 new jobs. Surprise... It will NOT be in Port-au-Prince... Keep on reading...

Haiti Open For Business

Reality Check... When will it happen for real?

Answer: Yes!

An agreement has already been signed between IFC CEO, Lars Thunell, Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a major South Korean garment company, Sae-A, to develop a globally competitive industrial park and garment operation in Haiti.

This agreement was signed yesterday, Tuesday September 21 2010.

When will construction begin?

I have no idea...

How big is this garment company?

Answer: Huge!

Sae-A is a major supplier for Wal-Mart, Target and other U.S. clothing brands such as Gap, Banana Republic and Levi's.

They have over 20 factories worldwide and they produce 1.4 million pieces of clothing a day.

Where will this new Industrial park be in Haiti?

Well... It's not going to be in Hinche... Tchwips!

The industrial park will either be located north of Port-au-Prince OR... somewhere between Cap Haitien and Ouanaminthe.

These are the two regions designated as centers for industrial development according the the new Haiti National Action Plan...

Wow... Kom si... Hinche pa nan National Action Plan la?


Nou bezwen factory Hinche!

No Goudougoudou there...

So... What do you think?

Good News?

Reply with your comments.

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Grenadye16 says...

I would like to ask what do those people call JOBS?

I feel scaried when hearing those things.

Do they look for a marketplace with a low paid price or want they to make reall

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Barbara says...

I used to buy beautiful hand made Quilts in Hati.

I supplied the calico and the beautiful old designs.

The ladies were wonderful sewers.

Today I am looking for sewers to make a fabric basket i have designed.

hati was always known for beautiful crafts and Iron and Tin work from the Stell

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Lucie says...

industrial park is very good news to the haitians people who been without a job they can not even remember when. It will be a blessing that God send. Hoping that they will be thankfull to him for this

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Paul says...

This is good news but what about the impact the industrial park will have on the largest remaining mangrove forest in Haiti that is just next door. Are any measures being taken to control these

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Neg Hinche says...

Cap Haitien pi lwen pase Hinche si wap pale de Port Au Prince.

Hinche nan mitan Port Au Prince ak Cap Haitien wi

Kijan li fe lwen

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Jj says...

the new industrial park should be in Gonaives the ville de l'independence the city wich has bee suffer distroy and victimize with corruption of the leader of the city this city has all bad past now it need some help for the Gonaivien also it close to the capital You need the airport to be rebuit and bridge of L'Atibonite to be redone and bouilt housing UNE CITE'pour the victim of the "quake " for the seek of the country and the city If you read please reply what to you think THANK YOU

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Vladimir says...

Mwen pa renmen le yap di no goudougoudou an Hinche se la pou yo mete factory a mwen ka konprann hinche pa telman gen tet chaje yo ta sipoze metel la men pwoblem ki genyen hinche antijan tro lwen twop moun ap vin sanse riske vi yo pou yal achte sa yo gen bezwen.

(Mwen aksepte pou yo metel Au-cap

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Nouche says...

They should do that in each departement so that people can stop risking their life on the

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Naomi says...

THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!I lived in Miami Beach for twelve years and I had great Haitians friends so I am very happy for all of you!!! I got back to Argentina and last week I was talking with some Haitians here. I am Architect so may be I go to Haiti to enjoy that Caribbean Sea and get some job

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Paula says...

It does not matter where in haiti as long it is there and creating job. It will definetly be another way of life for our

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