Saturday, August 14, 2010 To Mr. Jorge Perez Lopez, President...

Haitianworkers - September 11 2010, 1:56 PM

Saturday, August 14, 2010
To Mr. Jorge Perez Lopez,

President of FLA (Fair Labor Association)

Dear Perez, by the special presente we write you as representatives of the Haitian victim workers from Cd Apparel S.A in the Sonapi, industrial park of the Port-au-Prince Bldg # 31. As you already know on May 04,2007 the Leaders of Hanes brands INC with the complicity of the Haitian employers ended their contract with the Cd Apparel's Plant without any warning throwing into jeopardy the livelihoods of 500 poor's workers and their families join with the worst tragedy of the Haitian people caused by the Earthquake taken place on January 12, 2010 that which get worse the economic and social situation of the workers.

Note that the illegal closure of our plant violates the Haitian labor law requires an employer to give damages and full compensation to the victim workers because this injustice impede the international social legislation on work which demand you as defender of the human rights to fix your position so that a solution can be done. For the truth and the history, we're paid to tell you Mr. Lopez that we keep for Hanes by the law 420.000 pieces of T-shirts without forgetting a lot of materials finishing goods at Sonapi Bldg #31 ( six containers ) we please you to let us know your position on this case and your staff one?

Of more, you had informed the committee of Cd Apparel on a declaration from Hanes pretending that all the victim of this Plant got already obtained "Full Compensation" but without any proof on this lie! For the knowledge of Humanity, we want to declare that the workers did not receive any compensation and damages from an employer in Haiti explaining the critical situation of the victims after the brutal earthquake ...

To make light on this case we need have a copy of the payroll's file (doc of payroll) showing how many employees who have been paid?


The sum for each one of them?

In what currency?

Like this the truth should be at the main of the international public opinion and demand to the leaders of Hanes to compensate and repair the poor Haitian workers after 4 years of excellent services for their profit and the one of Cd Apparel's employer but nothing for the victims: What injustice!!!

We look forward to your response for an immediately resolution to this case.

From the committee of Cd Apparel in Haiti at Sonapi Bldg # 31 !

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