Is the UN trying to bribe legislators to illegally amend Haiti constitution

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Is the UN trying to bribe legislators to illegally amend Haiti's constitution?

The Haitian Senate cannot modify the Haiti constitution.

The only way for a modification to be made was if both chambers of the outgoing 48th Legislature had voted on an identical amendment back in September 2009. They did not do so. The amendments voted on by the Haitian Senate and the House of Deputies were different.

The constitutional date to reconcile both versions was already past due. The incoming Haitian 49th Legislature cannot vote on two versions and cannot reconcile either version because their constitutional responsibility is only to vote yes they agree or no they disagree.

Since there is not an identical version of the amendment, the process is void and the earliest it can be reconsidered is September 2015. It has been reported that the UN is trying to bribe the new legislators to ratify the illegal amendment.

This would be a violation of Haitian law and should not happen.

Parnell Michel, April 7 2011, 2:13 PM

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