Wyclef's crocodile tears do not move me any. He is trying to...

Daniel Bougherra - August 26 2010, 9:42 PM

Wyclef's crocodile tears do not move me any. He is trying to USE the youth to get fame. He knows the Youth is too naive and impressionable.

This is the reason Wyclef is using them to the maximum.

Wyclef could not care less about Haiti and its youth.

He put a minimum appearance, charge the public for his charitable appearances.

Shed some crocodile tears, made a new song about his "remis a ses parents carnet"; which in term this song will bring him fame if he stays in the entertainment business and or created some political turbulence in Haiti.

The guy can't lose, can't he?

Wherever he turns, he made his bed for success, his success that his. Not Haiti's. Even when he can't speak Haiti's national languages.

Wyclef if so delusional that he is even wearing Dessalines's famous hat, except this time, it is a red one.
You tell me, Is Haiti a whole world Joke?

This is the way it feels like.
Michel Martelly just added salt to injury.

He is not any better.

Haiti Cherie deserves better.

These two clowns shall be removed for good.

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Je n'ai pas une id

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