This is the most hilarious video i have seen in years!!!

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This is the most hilarious video i have seen in years !!!

Paul, August 13 2010, 10:31 AM

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Topic: Video: Wyclef Jean Interview in French, En Francais, Oui, C'est Vrai!

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Ce n'est pas parceque le gar est capable de memoriser quelques mots en Francais et d'en repeter des phrases qu'il a entendu parler par ces copins... read more >
David Grant, 13-Aug-10 9:12 am
This is the most hilarious video i have seen in years!!! read more >
Paul, 13-Aug-10 10:31 am
1 gros bonsoir read more >
Jean D Lince Lamarre, 13-Aug-10 8:29 pm
My comment is now we don't need nobody who speaks french creole or english, we need someone who can help the country to grow up to build some houses... read more >
Berthauny Bernard, 13-Aug-10 8:38 pm
People It's all about getting things done. Not whether he speaks enough French or creole. Have you ever wonder why a person with such a luxurious... read more >
Miggy, 13-Aug-10 11:51 pm
wyclef mwen ap peye ticket memm pou mwen ale ba ou vot mwen an mwen konte sou ou mwen konen opu pap fe mwen wont read more >
Augustin, 14-Aug-10 12:04 am
Wyclef is going to let you down BIG TIME. Whatch this going down my brother. There will not be no cry, no drums, just the fact. read more >
Guy Comeau, 14-Aug-10 9:12 pm
Have you ever thought that Wyclef is looking for recognition and fame? Wyclef does not do anything that is not to his own interest and self... read more >
Guy Comeau, 14-Aug-10 9:20 pm
Dude, I agree with you. I know some people who were born in U.S. and still speak better French or Kreyol than Wyclef. where are we going with this... read more >
Guy Comeau, 14-Aug-10 9:31 pm
Guy Comeau, Listen. Everybody wants to be recognized and also somehow wants to be known to the world on their abilities of contribution before we... read more >
Miggy, 14-Aug-10 9:56 pm
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