Now folks How many Haitian musicians who are very successful...

Miggy - July 31 2010, 3:44 AM

Now folks
How many Haitian musicians who are very successful you have heard that are doing great things in Haiti.

Like creating programs.

Built buildings and charity work. Not so many right.

These people are creating great music and want you to buy it so that they can live in big mentions and have a jet setting and opulent life around the world and they are not giving back to their community.

We have so many rich Haitians who can really give Haiti a great head start by contributing little by little in so many needy communities all over Haiti.

All they are good at is singing and creating many songs on how bad it is in Haiti and criticizing the greedy politicians "WITHOUT GIVING A DIME"
I think we the CD's buyers should buy any rich musicians music WITH ONE CONDITION.

The band or the musician should be a CONTRIBUTOR to a growing cause that is improving Haiti and the helpless people.

When we start doing that. It will force them to start taking care their country where we are not always waiting for other country to come to our rescue every time, while we have a such big pride as "THE FIRST BLACK NATION EVER EXIST ON THE PLANET".

What these musicians or music bands do not get is. When you are STAR from Haiti.


YOU HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE AND MAKE TO PROVE IT, because not only you have the financial means to do it and you also have a BROADER VOICE because of your popularity.

Now you the rich musician from Haiti.

why not start choosing one City in Haiti to start renovate.

Let it be your cause to built and create programs

It is not always about GET, GET, GET, GET, GET, GET, GET GET
It is also about GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE,
Let's remove these EXCESS dollars of your from the bank to help out Haiti.

Please remember it not only about you.
Open your heart and God will bless you more for your big efforts.

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