I thank you for reaching out to us. My son had a child 11...

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I thank you for reaching out to us. My son had a child 11 years ago with a lady from the Dominican Republic, and she was born in NY. She was the first Dominican, and Dominican family I came in contact with during my life time. I heard stories, and the nightmares Haitians are living in the Dominican Republic but never dealt with them personally.

I blame our government, and the parties in charge of Haiti.

We use to occupy the Dominican Republic, and our Haitians should not be treated like animals in the DR. Haitians are supporting the DR's economy by trades, and send their kids to school there.

The Dominicans are not any better than us, but think they are due to their light complexion.

My grandchild's mom felt she was superior to my son, and his family.

It was a nightmare, and as a result I am no longer close to my grandbaby.

My personal experience with this particular family left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, and felt disrespected as a proud Haitian.

It made me come to the conclusion that Dominicans look down on Haitians.

It is not the Haitians' fault, but the Dominicans are having an identity crisis and are so confused.

Haitians know what they are, and we are a proud people.

Dominicans are blacks who think they are whites, and superior to others due to skin color or hair texture.

Colonolization, and slavery left them with some serious issues.

The Dominicans are not the only ones, and the majority of Latinos feel they are whites or superior to blacks.

The Argentinians are so crazy, and think they are Italians.

The Latinos felt to realize that you are either Black, White, Yellow, or Red. Puerto Ricans think they are a race, and does not realize being Puerto Rican is a culture.

The majority of Latinos are Native Americans, and it is sad that they do not realize it. I had a Puerto Rican little girl who told me once "I do not speak Mexican", and she learned it from the home. It is very sad.

Josy, June 12 2010, 8:13 PM

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I thank you for reaching out to us. My son had a child 11 years ago with a lady from the Dominican Republic, and she was born in NY. She was the... read more >
Josy, 12-Jun-10 8:13 pm
yes but im not that way and dominicans that have gone to haiti have been discriminated. i consider myself black but i do understand that mos... read more >
Chaira, 14-Jun-10 8:57 pm
oh my god im a light skin dominican with bad hair just like you and most people in dr have bad hair and are dark what are you talking about. who... read more >
Chaira, 14-Jun-10 9:05 pm
OK! I chose not to debate with you, because I have too much to say to you. You are obviously young, and have a lot to learn in this life. I have... read more >
Josy, 14-Jun-10 10:17 pm
I chose not to debate with you, because you are apparantly a kid and obviously have no experience. I did not realize children were responding on... read more >
Josy, 14-Jun-10 10:39 pm
Lady you have a serious problem in your life look for counsel and yes i have a passport and im a us citizen!!! thank you!!! read more >
Chaira, 15-Jun-10 3:23 pm
You do not need to get personal, and attack when having a debate. Do you get it? I do not have any problems in my life, and am glad you have a... read more >
Josy, 15-Jun-10 5:22 pm
Yes i have a library card and my childhood was very pleasant and full of hapinnes i insist in youu to stop emailing me i dont want to continue this... read more >
Chaira, 15-Jun-10 8:05 pm
Josy tell us about your "mulatto" upper class.Are they proud Haitians?Do they have an identity problem?What issues bother them since French colonial... read more >
Salvador, 12-Nov-10 6:30 pm
The problems are the same all over the world, and even in Caucasians. I know parents who prefer their "blonde blue eyes" child over the dark hair... read more >
Josy, 13-Nov-10 3:27 am
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