Well, back in 2004, I cleaned up my credit not only by...

Marie - May 25 2010, 12:55 PM

well, back in 2004, I cleaned up my credit not only by gradually paying off all the people I owed but I also removed all the little stains on my credit report.

Most important of all, I rebuilt my credit score by applying for a "Prepaid Credit Card"; it is like using your own money to build credit.

You have to put money in your credit card account, and you spend only what you have and afterwards, pay it back every month as your would a regular credit card. The most common ones are "The Richard Simmons Prepaid Card", and "Capitol One"...and I am sure there are more companies.

Most people think, you have to get in debt, to build credit.

For instance, they will buy a car on bad credit in order to build their credit score, all the credit card companies turn around and do is end up charging you a higher interest rate because your credit is not worth the risk, so you have to pay them for taking a risk on your bad history ...That is absolutely insane, so do your homework so you don't get taken for your money or become broke.

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