I pray to God in Heaven, in the name of his son Jesus. Why...

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I pray to God in Heaven, in the name of his son Jesus.


Because so far he has proven himself to be the most powerful and faithful God among all other gods. I say "other gods" simply because there are many gods but only one TRUE GOD. Satan is often referred to as a god, and for those who place their trust in him, he is indeed their god. Although satan will never give anything for free, and his ultimate goal is to destroy them, still they will at any cost faithfully serve him and trust him. There are others who look up to the Saints for hope. In spite e of the fact it is written "not to worship idols" they are blinded, and have lost all common sense.

A statue made of clay, created by another man, how many prayers can it answer?

Yes, the bilble speaks of "the saints making intercession day and night" We ARE THE SAINTS OF GOD WHILE WE ARE LIVING" We are also called the "Church of Christ" the "Body of Christ", the "Bride of the Lamb".

We who are among the living, once we become believers of Christ, we are empowered with the spirit of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit (the gifts of healing, prophecy, teaching, working of miracles etc.) he will impart into the believers for the edification of the Church.

We are then equipped to pray for the sick, preach his workds, and even perform miracles just as in the days of the apostles, who were the first believers.

The apostles, inspite of all the miracles they performed warned the followeres in the book of act, not to worship or pray to them, "only God is worthy to be worshiped along with Jesus our Lord and savior.

"We are simple servants" they claimed.

And those who pray to the lwa nan Ginen;They grew up in a culture where thaught to seek the lwa for help. The Lwa are believed to have powers, which they do. Because they were cast out of heaven as rebellious angels with all their powers.

They are awaiting their jugdement from God. Those who trust in them should take note that they are serving demonic spirits.

Pay attention to the ginen priest, see their lives style, their action, their deception, and even their misery.

They are satanic slaves living in fear of their master.

Those who work for the lwa ginen will eventualy discover the realm of evil which will ultimately leads them to the satanic world, never toward God almighty the creator.

But, among all the gods that I have mentioned, which one of them have a reputation for being the "creator of heaven and earth?" Which one of them made provision(the blood of Jesus) to redeem mankind from their sinful nature inspite of their unfaithfulness?

Which one of them ever gave us first, whithout asking anything in return, but the confession of our sin. "Come and receive freely." the invitation stands open for all those would believe in Him. Which one of them would even dare to take Haiti in charge without any request of human, or animal sacrifice?

No more sacrifices are needed, no burning candles, no yearly rituals.

He does not need our first born, an eye, or an arm, or our own life to be pledge to Him, in return for any request made to Him. We don't need to feed him on a weekly or yearly basis.

He does not need any flowers, or perfume, neither does he tells us to abstain from our spouse on a specific day as a form or worship to him. HE IS THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS! Everything is his.He is a perfect God. He has never made a mistake.

All other gods, their power were given to them by this awesome God, they tremble at the sound of his voice, because He is the greater Power.

He is greater then thunder, lightning, and all of his creations.

The world is like a drop of water in a buket to him. One day to Him is as a thousand day to us, because He is eternity and beyond Him, there are no greater Power.

So why would anyone prefer to serve an inferior power?

If someone was invited to work for a king, and live at the palace where everything is freely given to that person.

Do you think he or she would have chosen to work for the king rebellious slaves instead?

For those who are awaiting judgement from the king, expelled from his presence?

Would you rather work for them, then the righteous king?

I don't think so! This is the case for many of us who have been led to believe: in the dead saints, the lwa nan ginen, and many others who are bodly proclaiming their faith in the satanic world.

So next time before your pray to those false gods, think again.

Next time you have to burn a candle to pray to the statues, think again.

Next time you have to go to Haiti to give the lwa ginen some food, or to ask for revenge, think again.

Next time you have to step out to another room to sleep away from your spouse; because it's wednesday night, or any other chosen day in honor of your lwa ginen, think angain.

THINK AGAIN, and remember this message to you all in the Haitian community.

Remember of a God, who loved you so much, that he sent his only begotten son to die for us all, in other to set us free from all those traditional, satanic rituals.

And if you should fear of the outcome, or the persecution from the wicked spirits, because of the comitment you have already made on their behalf(just in case you were tempted to believe on the savior Jesus Christ) remember that: He is the greater power, He has mighty angels waiting for all those who will call on Him for help, ready to stand and guard them from all the attack of the evil one. I'm a living testimony that He is forever present and closer than we assume.

In His service,

Nadege Moise

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