irs is cracking down on those who received the $8000/$6000 tax credit.

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The IRS is auditing 1 out of 5 taxpayers who claimed the $8000, or $6000 real estate tax credit.

It is going to take five months, or more before you get your refunds.

You have to turn to the IRS your HUD documents from the closing, and may God help you if you cheated.

I understand that some people did not buy any property, but claimed the money.

There are some Haitians who placed all their trusts in the tax preparers, and they already collected their large fees. I am just giving a warning, so do not kill the messenger.

You have leaders who bussed Haitians to Miami, so they can collect the refunds.

I am sure some of those Haitians do not even speak English, or cannot read and write.

The IRS is notorious, and will pursue all parties.

Good luck!

Josy, April 21 2010, 8:35 PM

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