emp: the next weapon of mass destruction

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I read articles about it in the past, and now I have some serious concerns.

EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse, and it is the electronic guts of everything in America.

The sabotage of EMP will devastate the economy, and kill millions of citizens.

The financial, and transportation will collapse.

The hospitals, and internet will go dark. Water, and electrical grids will freeze.

The USA had to deal in the past with the cold war, and after 9/11 it had the Islamic terrorists.

We now have EMP, and I would like to hear from others about the subject.

What do we do to prepare ourselves against the latest crisis?

I understand that rich Americans built underground bunkers, buried gold in pipes, stock weapons, and have a minimum of two years supplies of food for their families There is a movement, and some are moving to compounds in the countryside.

They also store water, and dig for wells.

Josy, March 31 2010, 5:19 PM

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