Reconstruction of Haiti must begin immediately

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Reconstruction of Haiti must begin immediately

(January 21, 2010)

Paul Gustave Magloire

Just after the great earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 of January 12 past, I already sensed that we would all be victims and post counts, each of us have lost someone dear to him, that a family member which a parent, a friend.

While Haiti became a big tear, a land of sorrow and tears.

We can not wait now to start working to build the new Haiti, modern and prosperous, to be completed on a decentralized basis.

According to preliminary estimates, over one million people are homeless and tens of thousands of wounded may die because they do not receive timely care required by their case. So today, if we had three other regional capitals, such as the one in the Far North, another in the Grand Center and the third in the Deep South, the population is currently flee en masse Port-au-Prince, the capital, would have cities with the necessary infrastructure to accommodate them.

Thus, while relief efforts are made to victims, care for the wounded and we are burying our dead, let us unite to rebuild this country of ours. This will not do much good to find out who to blame for today's carelessness is the cause of tens of thousands of lives could have been avoided if there had devolved capital to provincial cities.

Rather seek to get to work before it is too late, because other disasters might strike again ...

What I proposed yesterday is still viable today.

At my installation as Minister of Interior and Local Authorities of the Interim Government in June 2004, it was said in the speech that my installation plans for decentralization and devolution of the country was too ambitious.

Today I will tell you that this plan was too timid.

Because only a great vision, exceptional courage and unwavering determination can get us out of trouble where we are now.

Certainly, we need rapid medical assistance and material to respond to this disaster.

But, while we still have any visibility in the world, we must seek special aid and urgent $ 300 million from the international community to begin the work of devolution and decentralization systematic so that people who take part in a spontaneous exodus, can find a favorable environment in the provinces that encourages them to stay.

A first tranche of $ 30 million would be allocated to a fund for reforestation of the hills.

This fund would be used to launch programs by creating communal reforestation tens of thousands of jobs immediately in the creation of nurseries and activities of planting seedlings.

A second tranche of $ 60 million would be devoted to universal education for children of age to enter school.

And tens of thousands of young graduates are recruited and trained to teach these children.

Thousands of fathers and mothers in municipalities find occupation in these activities related to comprehensive program of education of children.

A third tranche of $ 90 million could create a fund to train and finance entrepreneurs in the country and abroad who want to establish small and medium-sized manufacturing firms and service in the cities of provinces, so that those who migrate to Port-au Prince does not have to rely solely on the central capital for their supply and the multiple services they need.

And the fourth and final installment of $ 120 million could be invested in basic infrastructure and support for municipalities, such as strengthening the administrative framework, secondary roads, the first aid services, garbage collection and the rest ...

Under this plan, we could continue with the construction program administrative complex was planned to house offices of central government and provide a modern working environment for employees so that in return they can offer quality service in public offices in 10 counties.

Finally, if the $ 10 billion we are talking about happen one day, then there could begin construction of three modern regional cities.

But, $ 300 million is all we need to begin immediately the work of survival.

For, whatever the extent of fatalities that we hit, Haiti does not die ...

Paul Gustave Magloire

Former Minister of Interior and Local Authorities

President MORN

Paul G Magloire, March 22 2010, 1:25 AM

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