The time of the truce is over

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"The time of the truce is over"


Immediately after the earthquake of January 12, 2010 which killed over 200 000 people, destroying more than 250 000 houses, public buildings and private and other damage which estimates totaled nearly 10 billion dollars, ALTERNATIVE found it necessary to make a political truce in order not to hamper the efforts of those in power in the organization of relief to the victims, but especially to create an atmosphere of cooperation, supported the unity of all political, economic, social and cultural need to overhaul the state and the country's reconstruction.

Faced with the calamity situation in which the earthquake of January 12 left the country, ALTERNATIVE believed and still believes that the interests of the Haitian people must be placed first.

ALTERNATIVE hoped that the current leaders of the state would realize and pursue a policy to serve, to straighten out the country's situation and needs of victims.

They unfortunately, the choice of getting bogged down in administrative practices harmful, cronyism and dirty tricks that the indignant people.

More than two months after the disaster, as the population in all its components, ALTERNATIVE notes that the primary responsibility of state power do not watch, nor will nor capacity to define and carry out actions that correspond the seriousness of the situation post-earthquake.

Before the arrival of international aid, the people who had been conscientious alone, to leave some dead and alive from the rubble.

Today, the population is still without supervision authorities, which organizes its survival in difficult conditions even subhuman, huddled in makeshift camps, under the hot sun and rain in torrents.

It's still the same population, in towns not affected by the earthquake, which welcomes their friends and families displaced, this, without any real support from the state, despite their socio-economic situation extremely precarious.

Given the government's inability to organize the distribution of international aid, is still and always the same people, who in his commitment and spirit of solidarity, organized for supplies with confidence.

In the context of the earthquake, the compatriots living abroad have shown more and more to help their families.

ALTERNATIVE wishes to congratulate them. She enjoys the opportunity to extend its thanks to Haitians and foreigners in Haiti and around the world for their solidarity with the victims of the disaster.

ALTERNATIVE also thanked the international community, particularly the Dominican Republic, the United States of America, Cuba, Canada, France, EU, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Taiwan, Japan and China.

ALTERNATIVE takes this opportunity to express its solidarity to the people of Chile who has been struck in less than two weeks by two major earthquakes of magnitudes.

ALTERNATIVE informed the Chilean nation that the Haitian people sharing his suffering.

The irresponsible behavior of the country's leaders, two months after the earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, Petion Ville, Delmas, Carrefour, Croix des Bouquets, Gressier, Leogane, Jacmel, Grand Goave, Petit Go

Paul G Magloire, March 19 2010, 1:37 AM

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