haitian women being rape in haiti

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In Haiti, my friend was home while her husband went to work, a nice man approach her by the poach stating" Nadia come right a way your husband is in trouble" Nadia quickly run to see what happened, and found herself surrounding about 9 men.Each please themselve and go,2 months later Nadia found out she was pregnant, she had an abortion and continue her life with her husband with 2 beautiful boys.The boys became sick and die one by one. Soon she found out she had HIV. She could not believe it even though she run lot of test. In haiti, every day women get rape, and ashame or afraid to come forward, because of what people might say or think or they may end up with a divorce or even treating as a worthless woman.

I think the haitian government should reinforce the law regarding these criminal as a zero tolarence and should put to jail for long time .Also haitian women should be more alert, know your neighbor, your surrounding, don't walk alone at night especially on coridor place, if you have to go somewhere alone at night always carry some type of weapons to defend yourself such as peper spray, wear long skirt instead of sort skirt when alone at night to avoid any attraction, have a women meeting occasionaly to educate each other on how to protect themselve.All these tips should help avoid getting rape.

Betina Jeanmary, March 17 2010, 3:58 PM

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