THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! I wounder if Ms. M. Lassegue-pre-teen's...

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THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! I wounder if Ms. M. Lassegue-pre-teen's daughter or son were being raped, would she have had the same attitude?

Now for you people who think that Haiti does not need extra military help, I suggest that you give the idea some extra thoughts.

Haitians are being raped mentally, psychologically, spiritually, socially and physically.

We all have our arm-chair theories on how Haiti could be better but most often than not, it seems like the people to whom we should concentrate on (Haitians in Haiti who are living these conditions) are almost an after-thought.


Something very concrete and direct.

Let us sign a petition
to RFK Center specifically asked for an investigation and punishment for the culprits.

Let us push for more foreign military presence in Haiti.

Since we have apparently no ACTIVE military presence.

Let's encourage the offer from Rwanda --sending militia to Haiti-- Water, food, medications, waste disposals, shelter, and security should be on the same PRIORITY basis although not necessarily in the same order.

Since Bill Clinton is the "Special Envoy" Why don't we send him a collective letter, addressing this issue, the raping of the young women.

He perhaps with Preval and or Bellerive could find some immediate preventive measures.

This matter needs to be addressed immediately not merely talked about...

To the Haitian Diaspora: Wake-up!, It is about time. We do need to get organized for the betterment of HAITI.

What is needed: This site as a medium, Coordinators
people's voices
Pertinent offices to send these petitions to
We need to form a universal voice to ACT on behalf of our Haitian brethren.

Woodring, What do you think?

People, what is your response?

Enough is enough!! We have to act. At this point, talking is irrelevant.

Berbadette S, March 17 2010, 1:25 PM

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Topic: Haitian Women Are Being Raped, So What, It's NOT A Priority!

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It is very sad for that Minister to state that raping women is not a priority to tackle. Raping someone is one of omnious crime in the world. read more >
Mauclair Simon, 17-Mar-10 11:02 am
Amazing, these young life are in danger by these sexual predatorst, certainly is a priority to protect these girls, she would not like any of her... read more >
Guy Cherubin, 17-Mar-10 11:06 am
Je condanne fortement la declaration de l'ancienne secretaire, comme etant la reprensentante du droit des femmes en Haiti et comme etant une femme... read more >
Ferdinand Francois, 17-Mar-10 11:28 am
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! I wounder if Ms. M. Lassegue-pre-teen's daughter or son were being raped, would she have had the same attitude? Now for you... read more >
Berbadette S, 17-Mar-10 1:25 pm
Je pnse que Marie Laurence est Out of her mind. cela prouve aussi qu'elle n'a jamais ete a la hauteur de sa tache. read more >
Max Eddy Louis, 17-Mar-10 2:21 pm
Who's she? or he? We'll,........ you never know, whit a brain like that! Not saying that men are like that just saying maybe she does not have a... read more >
Maggy Gousse, 17-Mar-10 2:44 pm
Wow! I feel for the women in Haiti who are counting on this minister to fight for their causes. What a shameful statement? Than again she is part of... read more >
Rudy Etienne, 17-Mar-10 4:04 pm
I think you are right on point. Unfortunately, we do need foreign military and civilian assistance to move Haiti forward because the Haitian... read more >
Rudy Etienne, 17-Mar-10 4:33 pm
nous a l'etranger nous devons etre debout pour aider ce jeunes qui souffrent de cette act un-humain contre ces malfaicteurs en demandant de l;aide... read more >
Mounelakay, 17-Mar-10 4:33 pm
i can't beleave that she could say something like that, for me the haitian gorvernment lost control of everything, they don't have nothing as a... read more >
Mackson, 17-Mar-10 5:35 pm
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