I am neutral, and hate politics. We can all sit in front of...

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I am neutral, and hate politics.

We can all sit in front of our flat screen tvs. with our remotes, and full bellies talking trash about each other.

I am not in their shoes, so therefore I will not pass judgments.

It is obvious that Blacks cannot govern themselves whether in Africa, or in Haiti.

Can you even imagine what it will mean if there was a UNITED STATES OF AFRICA?

It is a rich continent, but the majority of leaders there
are corrupt and extremely selfish like in our country.

I hate to say it, but there is something wrong with the Black race. I am 150% Haitian, and would like to see the country get out of the dark ages. The present leadership is not going to take us there, and I guarantee you neither are the next ten. I want to be able to go home often, and not being afraid constantly.

I fear to get sick, or be in a crash due to the lack of equipped health care facilities and staff to save my life. I can't call 911 in Haiti, because no ambulance will come in less than five minutes or ever. I want to be able to go around like I do in the other countries without being attacked, or worst kidnapped.

I visited Dominica for the Creole Festival, and was not scared to death.

The cops were everywhere, and there was no bribes involved there.

The electricity was on 24/7, and the Dominicans are civilized people.

The same cab driver picked me up at the hotel, and took me places the entire week. He then would either wait for me, or pick me up anytime without a bad attitude.

He was nice, respectful, clean, knowledgeable, and did not overcharged me. I know, because I checked with several plus the locals.

The hotel staff was extremely professionals, and very helpful.

They are allowed 2/3 meals a day provided by the hotel, and can bring their fmily members including their children to use the pool sometimes.

They have healthcare, and pay a very small fee monthly.

I want to go to the craft market, and eat at the local food stands freely.

The vendors wore uniforms, and had name tags with their pictures.

They did not curse, or attack me because I failed to make a purchase.

I do not know whether will become a commonwealth like Puerto Rico, and understand I have no control over the future of Haiti.

I only pray that we catch up with the rest of the world, and for the greed to stop. It is shameful, and we have lost the world's respect.

I want us to regain our respect, and dignity.

If the US decides to occupy us, so be it. Let the hunger, diseases, and the barbaries stop!!!.

I pray this in the name of JESUS CHRIST KING OF ENDLESS GLORY.

Josy, March 10 2010, 1:00 AM

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Topic: Video: Haitians Rioting, Claiming Haiti As A US Territory

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These people are crazy!!!!!!!!! read more >
Rodler, 9-Mar-10 4:07 pm
I do not think those haitians understand the gravity of what they said, that is exatly what happend on the Duvaler regime when he was elected for... read more >
Nick Nolte, 9-Mar-10 5:28 pm
Absolutely disgraceful!! This is why education is key! If these people were informed they would know that the United States is half the reason the... read more >
Clnmike, 9-Mar-10 6:13 pm
They have one voice Mister CIA and they seem very organized. I have one question. Where in the hell they found the money to make the banners? A lot... read more >
Chal, 9-Mar-10 7:18 pm
Why do Haitians have to depend on another country to govern them? I think if the Haitians people really care for their own country they will do all... read more >
Nancy, 9-Mar-10 7:50 pm
Nick Nolte or who ever the hell you are, build a bridge and get over yourself. They don't need a history review, they freaking need a non corrupt... read more >
Ron, 9-Mar-10 10:48 pm
yes i support that idea for haiti to be part of u.s possesion.200 years you still believe there somebody who can fix that mess.no roads,no... read more >
Cayes, 10-Mar-10 12:05 am
I am neutral, and hate politics. We can all sit in front of our flat screen tvs. with our remotes, and full bellies talking trash about each other... read more >
Josy, 10-Mar-10 1:00 am
You ask "Why do Haitians have to depend on another country to govern them?" THe reason is simple: 80% of the Haitian population is unemployed and... read more >
Joel, 10-Mar-10 7:17 am
ou fou net... si-w konpran ameriken ka okipe Haiti. Pa gen okenn nation o mond ki ka okipe Haiti.... dabo nou prouve-l deja avek la France an 1804 e... read more >
Besky, 10-Mar-10 7:47 am
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