is Haiti ripe for an agricultural renaissance?

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As re are grappling with the recent quake and its aftermath; and with issues like clean water, homelessness, portable sanitation, potential disease eruptions, medical supplies among others.

It looks the international aid teams are already shifting gears from relief efforts to rural development and agricultural growth
With the encouraged decentralization movement,(people moving from the Port-au-Prince to the countryside), real, non-politicized training and funding;plus an additional preference for exporting our goods, Haiti may see a new kind of agricultural revival.

I believe that everyone is aware of political corruption between industrialized nations to developing third- world counterparts vis-a-vis imported food-debt-farmers...This is old hat.
The World Food Program and the Food and Agricultural Organization are already assessing the quake and its impact on rural areas in an attempt to provide sustainable log-term projects.

No Country can truly thrive without growing its own food. As of a month ago, Haiti was importing 80% of its food..

Land and farming are basically the soul of a Country,

.What do you think?

Bernadette S.

Bernadette, February 17 2010, 9:36 PM

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