To my opinion, politics will always be politics and show...

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to my opinion, politics will always be politics and show 'maskarad'.

i remember when i was in college doing philosophy, i learned that a philosopher is not an individual, it is not the one wiser but the one seeking for wisdom.

he is the one who asks questions concerning himself, life and those around him. Pythagore in the VI century b.c.said to his friend Leon that he is not the wise but a friend of wisdom.

If philosophy is a matter of thinking then i must do so in a systematic analogy to come not to a final conclusion but to make a distinction between both what is relevant and make no sense at all. Philosophy is about:"SAVOIR QUE L'ON VIT MAL POUR CHERCHER A VIVRE MEILLEUR, SAVOIR QU'ON NE SAIT RIEN, C'EST RECONNAITRE LE MAL VIVRE, CHERCHER A VIVRE MEILLEUR".Sicerement j'en suis convainqu que le president de la France sait tout cela. Why is it NOW, after so many years of deepest suffering, pains, chame, that this country has known?

that is a disgrace it really proves that France as the big colon is the prime causes of Haiti to be in that situation.

They made us paid the consequences of what we have done to them, they never want and in fact, never expect that we could have gotten rid of them and even cause them to loose so much in History.

So you see i have to look at all of these in order for me to be objective.200+YEARS of independence and every time disaster strike us, it is always the Americans to make the first and the most to help us WHY?

I am sorry for those who thought slavery was abolished yet in one way we can say we came out of physical brutality but there is no greater pain than psychological slavery and those people know how it works.

You know let's just give them little expired food, unwanted clothes, litlle money just to eat a peace of bread and 'dlo sikre' that's it.I think we Haitians deserve more than that, we done so much at least for the hole world it is embarrassing that we are not being recognized by even our own black bothers and sisters.

I think this is the time that God said it is time for Haiti His people to stand up as one as it says in our 'moto linion fe la fos' to build back Haiti.

It will take time but it will happen even better and greater.

We have done it in the pass, we can still do it.

Jean Claude, February 17 2010, 10:11 AM

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I used my nick name before,but i decided not to this time. I recall during the eigties,Bob Neree used to have a program at Radio Metropole Called... read more >
Robert Eugene, 17-Feb-10 8:35 am
it's a good day for our country that a powerfull leader in the free world visit our beloved haiti today, let's leave history behind and move forward... read more >
Rubens Edouard, 17-Feb-10 8:39 am
I think this visit is formidable.Il could see his own eyes than malice, slander his parents back the cause with my poor little country read more >
Franck, 17-Feb-10 9:13 am
President Sarkozy Is In Haiti, He Just Arrived! It's in fact historical... yes historical..haiti is now in the hands of God...luko adjaffi read more >
Luko Adjaffi, 17-Feb-10 9:18 am
He just want to see how he can succeed?... where NAPOLEON failed!.... Nothing More..., Watch what he doing in the french colonies of: GUADELOUPE... read more >
Edy L Opolddeher-lesaint, 17-Feb-10 9:22 am
Kick Him out!!! if it's not for the intrest of the french he will not be there that's the only explanation you can give to a country who's president... read more >
Tito Etchri, 17-Feb-10 9:24 am
to my opinion, politics will always be politics and show 'maskarad'. i remember when i was in college doing philosophy, i learned that a philosopher... read more >
Jean Claude, 17-Feb-10 10:11 am
c'est une visite historique pour les Haitiens;nous esperons qu'il va soutenir le pays. read more >
Alexandre Pradel, 17-Feb-10 10:32 am
Tony, 17-Feb-10 11:12 am
As our brother Bob Marley said in one of his songs "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds ".Meaning that if... read more >
Max Mills, 17-Feb-10 12:42 pm
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