Where will you be at 4:53pm this afternoon?

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Topic: Where will you be at 4:53pm this afternoon?

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I was right in the midle of it I went to a funeral and I was suppose to fly back January 13. and the unexpected happened.God gives us a second... read more >
Mizeliah, 15-Feb-10 5:31 pm
Hey Bernadette. I'm glad you brought that up. can you please give the adress and information about that organization. I will appreciate it if i can... read more >
Mathilde S., 16-Feb-10 1:43 pm
Hey Mathilde, I am so glad you answered this blog. Thank you. The website address is: Bgrennell at evendeck.com or: Militaryshelterflooring.com... read more >
Bernadette, 17-Feb-10 5:11 pm
j'etait entrain de jouer du basket et en courant j'arrive pas a controleee la ball, je pense que c'est un joueur d'adversaire qui ma frapper, et je... read more >
Rickwings, 17-Feb-10 6:49 pm
listening to this watching this only bring tears to my eyes. I'm lost for words, I don't know what to say. I'm keeping my brothers and sisters in... read more >
Guilene Osme, 18-Feb-10 11:22 am
Thank you Bernadette. I appreciate it. I will contact them as soon as I can. I really appreciate it. read more >
Mathilde S., 18-Feb-10 3:13 pm
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