God Bless our beutifull people. We shall overcome!

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God Bless our beutifull people.

We shall overcome!

Suz, January 27 2010, 10:50 AM

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Topic: Haiti After The Earthquake - The State Of The Union

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i love my haiti cherie u get u that right my brother.i can wait to go back when evrithing its over read more >
Guerline Henry, 25-Jan-10 11:05 am
We are all children of one God. With His grace and guidance we will survive. He will always guard us under his wings. and protect us. I beleive in... read more >
Vanina, 25-Jan-10 12:12 pm
Very well said and true. I also am very disturbed by the Haitian policeman who shot 2 civilians because of 2 bags of rice. What is the meaning of... read more >
Mireille Singh, 26-Jan-10 1:36 pm
We just started to donate 1$ from each purchase to Haiti. Thanks to all good people. read more >
Andrew, 27-Jan-10 2:35 am
God Bless our beutifull people. We shall overcome! read more >
Suz, 27-Jan-10 10:50 am
We all make mistakes, and I am sure Pat Robinson realizes that now. We are all sinners, saved by the grace of our Lord. Would Jesus have said that... read more >
Delores Easthom, 28-Jan-10 1:24 pm
Pat Robinson is looking for attention and he doesnt care who he hurts in the process. I have never heard anyone call budday a satan but when it... read more >
Jake The Snake, 4-Feb-10 11:46 pm
Just die,you Goddam Haitian. read more >
Jesus, 1-Jun-21 7:12 pm
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