Haitian people ' Today yes we do have the best subject in our...

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haitian people '
Today yes we do have the best subject in our story to discuss together.

After a TERRIBLE moment like this, what is exactly the meaning of this earthquake for haitian peolple?

Do we have anything to learn from that?

As we do know that it's already happen to our land, what is our responsability as a nation?

With a government or without a government what is our next step?

those simple questions, every haitian where ever you are on this earth need to ask yourself what is gonna be happen next 6 months in our land?

Therefore we all know that long time ago since after 1986 we don't have an action government in our land. For some reasons i would like to share with you my people we have exactly 6 months to see where we are today and where we shall go tomorrow.

Haiti is our problem, not mines, yours, government or any one else it's our issue.

My message for today is let stop blaming people, let us put ourselves together to result our problem, to rebuilt our beautiful land, to restore our faith, our vision, our objectif, to stand for something better and to show the world that we are the first black independence nation and we are the strong nation that ever ever on this earth.

Let forget about Preval now or any one else, let's go and put our hands together to make our country back where it was.
we made history, we styl can make history let give the world a suprise, stop fighting each and other, what ever happened already happen, forget about the past and let's walk forward.

I love you Haiti.

We need to see you back up cheri!

Atchy, January 20 2010, 1:39 PM

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Save your energy, and do not worry about the Haitian government. God is not sleeping, and I believe in him. I have heard horror stories for years... read more >
Josy, 20-Jan-10 12:20 am
Port-au-prince should remain the city capital regardless of this terrible tragedy. No one should think otherwise. read more >
Maggy Beauvoir, 20-Jan-10 8:12 am
Why are we so quick at casting stones. Let the president and his team do what they need to do. Most of you have no idea what it's like to handle a... read more >
Richard Lumarque, 20-Jan-10 8:43 am
DEAR Every body, It is God that is in Charge right now, not the Haitian Government. As you know the president just got married recently, he was... read more >
Bishop Jean Gerard Rhau, 20-Jan-10 9:15 am
I hope the international community will think twice before giving a dime to our so called government.This Haiti's time to rise from the dirt and be... read more >
Darline, 20-Jan-10 9:18 am
Hey, everyone!!!! I think everyone is right, no matter if you think we have a government or not... what is governments? to me government is... read more >
Rza, 20-Jan-10 1:06 pm
haitian people ' Today yes we do have the best subject in our story to discuss together.After a TERRIBLE moment like this, what is exactly the... read more >
Atchy, 20-Jan-10 1:39 pm
"L'Union Fait La Force" Pou Ayiti peyi Zans read more >
Truforia, 20-Jan-10 11:15 pm
Marie .a, 21-Jan-10 12:58 am
Look I don't nothing to say, Josy almost say everything, haitian people need to pray God and worship Him alot, they need, everyone need to turn... read more >
Thony S Jean-baptiste, 21-Jan-10 7:25 pm
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