I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti my Father brought me to...

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I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti my Father brought me to the U.S.A because things were not to good in Haiti.

I'm not angry at the comments said, because I heard many rumors in the past of similar comments said by many Haitians, and other races at schools, and works.

But I'm not okay with the comments made while there's destruction on a country by an Earth Quake.

To me the whole system of this world have many wickedness going on. Well this is not the time for rumors we need to help out Haiti first.

Pat Robertson needs to explain in more details too the media why these comments were said, is this a wake-up call for the Haitian people?.

I never thought something like that will come out of a white American senior christian man from the media, That was really a surprise.

I need to heard more from Senior Pat Robertson experience, Maybe many young Haitians including Americans might learn something new. A small Island it's now 204 years of independence Beside natural disasters, Haiti never seems to get out of poverty, Haitians killing each other, hate,and jealouse crimes, and corruptions among many peoples throughout the country, is the Voodoo culture play many roles in those problems.

Many Haitians in foreign countries are Educated, and wealthy, so why most of Haitians don't go back, and develop their little country except of making the foreign countries more develop, and richer.

and true Genuiwine Christians don't get angry at comments made by other people, because nobody is perfect.

In this period of time we should paid attention to the Bible JESUS CHRIST, and JEHOVA! not what man said. The word of JEHOVA! is Seriously true nothing can Stop it. Soon, or later Destructions will come upon the hold world, read Matthew, and Revelation in the Bible.

Satan plays major roles throughout the world Governments not just in Haiti.

Watch out for the wolves wearing sheep clothes, and calling for world peace.

Erthony, January 15 2010, 3:24 PM

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Topic: Americans Are Upset Over Pat Robertson's Haiti Comment

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Response to Mr Pat Robertson: Mr Robertson, On behalf of the people of Haiti, I want YOU to know that the People of Haiti nerver made a pact with... read more >
Mireille Jean-marie Singh, 15-Jan-10 2:05 pm
guys i don't like when you are talking like that,this man can say whatever he wants to but only thing i know"Bondye fidel li fe sal vle" we need to... read more >
Sondy, 15-Jan-10 2:14 pm
I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti my Father brought me to the U.S.A because things were not to good in Haiti. I'm not angry at the comments said... read more >
Erthony, 15-Jan-10 3:24 pm
Pat is not a real preacher I think he base his comments on his nationality? He seems like a tv hostperson read more >
Betty, 15-Jan-10 5:16 pm
I don't think we should waste time make comments about that idiot comments, may be one of this day i wll say like the others and forgive him but... read more >
Thomas, 15-Jan-10 6:21 pm
wi sa paste'a di a severite,wi paske m sonje lontan lem te timoun. mwen te nan siziem seconder.mwen tap li yon live.Live sa ka met dlo nanje anpil... read more >
Makennezie, 15-Jan-10 9:31 pm
Haitians should pray, fast, and have a revival in the country ASAP. We should ask God to forgive, and have mercy on us. We need to give up our old... read more >
Josy, 16-Jan-10 12:25 am
I am Haitian, leaving in Haiti, i am very disappointed to read something like that from a "Man of God". From away it's easy to comments about the... read more >
Marc Evens Harlem, 16-Jan-10 1:29 pm
Pat your are a foolish preacher to say somethings like that about haiti don't you have a heart for all those inonsent people that died there for you... read more >
Marie Elie, 17-Jan-10 11:57 am
your phrase in french is translated in english like this whom who laugh good will be the last to smile read more >
Martine, 18-Jan-10 1:51 am
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