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Cliford - January 4 2010, 6:36 PM

In Re: to "Though they have a distinct culture, "Les Gens Oublie" came from the island we now call Haiti (fleeing the war, before Haiti gained its independence).

But they did come from Haiti."

I just decided to put it in French; One most commonly hears the the term "The Forgotten People" and originally, before the Haitian Revolution, there we're
us, the Louisiana Creoles, already here. Descendants of The French who claimed the land in the name of France, the Native inhabitants who were already here, and the Africans brought here in chains.

Later, the Haitian culture fused with ours to further develop and even solidfy the culture and language here. But the fact of the matter is, that Haitians always try to rob us of, is that we were already here. I've spoken with so many Haitians who have often told me that the only reason why we exist is because of them which is NOT the case at all. There are tons of information to support the presence of Louisiana Creoles before Haitian Migration.

In ref to: "my point is if anybody from louisiana and new orleans wanna reject their roots lets just educate them because thats exacly what slavery do to us.they take away our identity.and if someone think beyonce is too good to b haitian let them take her."

People still don't get the point.

No Creole that I know, nor have I, ever said that LOUISIANA Creoles (not exclusive to New Orleans) denies Haitian Ancestry.

In fact, I just said in the above comment as well as the message the main message in this blog that we Creoles, readily and proudly acknowledge Haitian ancestry; in fact referred to you as cousins (which in many cases is the truth).

It is equivalent to the way African Americans view themselves in relation to Africans living in Africa.

We do not deny it, however we want to be acknowledged as our own distinct culture.

Not all Creoles share Haitian heritage.

I've not discovered any in my line therfore, I don't claim it, when I do, i will do so proudly.

However, there are MANY Louisiana Creoles who are just as boastful about Haitian heritage as Creoles.

I was speaking with a fellow Creole brother of mine the other day who informed me that in le paroisse du Natichoches, you'd find a slew of Creoles who have been boasting about they're connection to Haiti.

We are a different culture with a background in common.

This is my only point.

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