How do you say PINTADE in English?

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Topic: How do you say PINTADE in English?

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Congratulations,WOODRING,for this article.Good Year.I wish you that this year Fouye can give to his internet friends many gifts. read more >
Mathias, 1-Jan-10 7:45 am
Je confirme que c'est "Guinea Fowl". Je vis en Angleterre. read more >
Kouassi, 6-Jan-10 4:43 pm
I didn't know the word until I look it up in my french and english dictionary which translates it as " Guinea Fowl". It was an interesting subject... read more >
Vilo Exantus, 6-Jan-10 10:09 pm
Very well Guinea hen is right. 2, weeks ago, my 79 year old mom shared with me that she was craving some good old Pintade which she hasn't eaten for... read more >
Elmouth, 22-Dec-15 5:39 pm
Very nice and easy read, loved the embedded touch of humor. The sudden Kreyol and French statements made me know that I was taking guidance from... read more >
James Thomas, 15-Nov-16 2:56 pm
Bel pawol net. Ou finn pale! Verite pintade la sou tanbou. Mwen menm, se yon afriken ki soti nan peyi Togo ki fe mwen konen ki jan yo rele pintade... read more >
Jude Duverger, 26-Feb-17 12:59 am
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