Haiti Vs. Louisiana - The Battle Over Beyonce!

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Topic: Haiti Vs. Louisiana - The Battle Over Beyonce!

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I am from Louisiana and has been to Haiti many times, the food in that country is similar,but many of the dishes in Louisiana can't be found in... read more >
Sterling, 14-Feb-14 10:13 pm
We are not trying to claim Beyonce from being Louisiana creole. When Haitians came here to fight for America, some decided to stay in Louisiana... read more >
Lesly Lamothe, 28-May-14 4:01 pm
Nope. France colonized Haiti(1659) and Luisiana(1682) BEFORE the revolution. They brought slaves from the same region in Africa as well. These two... read more >
Apoca, 24-Oct-14 8:43 am
i DON't understand whenever haitians compare their culture to famous black person somebody always bring the haitians down like we aren't good like... read more >
Christina Louis, 13-Mar-15 10:38 pm
@adiana ward, I agree with you. Beyonce is not a good role model, also why on earth the Haitian want to claim B for? Not all but some Haitian have... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 15-Mar-15 6:08 am
Beyonce was speaking Haitians creole in her vdo Blow isn't she.Louisiana people are Haitian from the revolution thing...u can denied u not Haitian... read more >
Bella, 20-Feb-18 9:19 pm
yep, yep, yep! read more >
Phillip Manning, 21-Feb-18 6:53 pm
Beyonce is African American. A Louisiana creole ethnicity and its frustrating for the rest of the diaspora trying to unlink African Americans from... read more >
Black, 20-Sep-18 9:13 pm
I didn't say anything to this picture, yet! nothing.... I don't know where Facebook got that from.. must be from one of some other post I made..... read more >
Phillip Manning, 25-Sep-18 3:52 pm
who cares whether she's creole or not? idgaf. Why because she sold her blood to the devil to be famous now certainly ya want her to be haitian. I'm... read more >
Vintchy, 8-Oct-18 2:23 am
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