Edner Paul, A Haitian Whiz Kid Heads To MIT

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Topic: Edner Paul, A Haitian Whiz Kid Heads To MIT

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Yes Edner, you represent all of us as Haitian immigrant Congratulation to you young man. We are all proud of you... May you continue to be blessed... read more >
Tony, 13-Jun-09 12:22 pm
I am so proud of you,congratulations.God bless you read more >
Marie Duval, 13-Jun-09 8:56 pm
That is awsome I am always proud when a fellow brother or sister shines, and it reflects on us congrads Edner. read more >
Evans Labossiere, 14-Jun-09 1:51 am
keep spraying this good news my friend read more >
Turenne, 14-Jun-09 8:04 am
Woodering,this is not a suprise for me because we have a lot of brains in our country. They just don't want to admit it. We did a lot of thing but... read more >
Gardy, 14-Jun-09 9:52 am
Way to go brother! Show them intelligence doesn't have a color or a nationality. read more >
Taty, 14-Jun-09 11:25 am
Hey keep your headup. And don't let any one tell you otherwise. And bye the way Congratulation. GOD Bless, stay strough. Keep going don't stop until... read more >
Samentha Desir, 15-Jun-09 8:30 am
I hope that all childrento the parents of immigrants who are born here in the United States would try to excel to the hieghts of this gentleman... read more >
Josiane Gedeon, 15-Jun-09 7:40 pm
Edner paul Good Job.Don't for got to cheer his parents as well as the haitian teacher in haiti with a well job done. To reach that level you need a... read more >
Papa, 16-Jun-09 11:43 pm
> > Way to go Edner. Great job read more >
Sandra, 11-Sep-09 8:30 am
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