Thank you for all you don all ready and a bether...

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thank you for all you don all ready and a bether place.

i well never forget about you.

Leroy, May 28 2009, 6:06 PM

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Topic: Father Gerard Jean-Juste Dead at 62

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thank you for all you don all ready and a bether place.i well never forget about you. read more >
Leroy, 28-May-09 6:06 pm
Si je suis aux USA c'est grace a l'opportunite de vous don ma mere a pu beneficier. et je suis un Prof aux USA. c'est grace ne serai... read more >
M J, 28-May-09 8:18 pm
St. Augustine Divides the Human Race into two parts : The one consisting of those who live according to man, the other of those who live according... read more >
Damballah La Flambeau, 29-May-09 12:43 pm
Luko Adjaffi, 29-May-09 1:53 pm
Pere JJ sete yon bon kompatriyot, li te rimin pe ayisyin ak tout ke-l li aprouve sa anpil fwa. Travay pere J.J. fe nan kominote nou-an m-pa kwe gin... read more >
Mizeliah, 30-May-09 8:04 pm
My child I'll pray for you so you can put the heart the Lord gives you to good use to empatize with those who are going throu what they are going... read more >
Mizeliah, 30-May-09 8:29 pm


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