Je viens tout juste d'ouvrir mon email pour lire mes courrier...

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Je viens tout juste d'ouvrir mon email pour lire mes courrier et j'ai lu cette horrible histoire.

Je ne comprends vraiment pas comment un haitien peut faire une pareille chose,était-il sous les effets de la drogue ou avit-il des problèmes psychologiques?J'aimerais connaitre plus sur cette histoire si c'est possible et toutes mes condoleances à la famille et amis affectés par cet deuil.

Antonisia Sherlie, April 8 2009, 5:38 PM

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Topic: A Haitian-American man in Boston Area murders his family

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My heart go out to the family read more >
Wesna, 2-Apr-09 7:53 pm
this is unbelieveable and this just remind me of another haitian in Miami who killed his sister, his MOTHER, and then kill himself.I mean your ouw... read more >
Lilie, 2-Apr-09 11:53 pm
I couldn't keep my tears when I heard that news. that was sorrowful and very sad. I hope God save the life of the 9 year-old girl in order to... read more >
Marie Michelle Desrosiers, 3-Apr-09 3:08 am
LA DIASPORA-EST-TRISTES-les haitians people ne sont pas des criminels surtout contres les enfants,mes condoleances a notres communautees,le retour... read more >
Boniface Zebo Correspt De Press, 3-Apr-09 4:01 am
Rubensdeboston, 3-Apr-09 1:01 pm
It's unbelieveable what a tradgety for this family I'm sending my deepest condolences. I'll pray for their family. I hope that people don't try to... read more >
Josiane Gedeon, 3-Apr-09 5:33 pm
I Cant believe that how that happened i would, like to know mor information about that what was happened. In that case plesae let me know if you... read more >
Rasta, 3-Apr-09 10:06 pm
am sorry if i get anyone here mad but i had to ask my friend boutthis and thats how this got posted, i had to ask if that guujy was haitian and it... read more >
Kim, 5-Apr-09 11:59 pm
I went to the funeral, my prayers are with the family the general feeling in our community is this for real? to the point that even wishes of... read more >
Linda, 7-Apr-09 1:18 pm
Je viens tout juste d'ouvrir mon email pour lire mes courrier et j'ai lu cette horrible histoire.Je ne comprends vraiment pas comment un haitien... read more >
Antonisia Sherlie, 8-Apr-09 5:38 pm
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